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Message from CEO


We are engaged in the business of manufacturing machines that sort and separate various goods. The machines we manufacture are applicable to the sorting and separating of agricultural products such as rice, beans, coffee, and foodstuff such as potato chips, corn snacks, rice crackers, and industrial products such as plastics, ores, and pearls. We are proud that we have achieved good and steady results in all of our products.

Raw materials and products, when sorted or separated, increase in commercial value, leading finally to a more comfortable and pleasant life.

In view of this, the Anzai Group is determined to continue contributing to society through "sorting" and "separating" as the top manufacturers of sorting machines.

Our sorting machines are highly regarded by the end user both in domestic and abroad, and we appreciate your continued support.

We will continue every effort possible to upgrade our developing technology, and will manufacture sorting machines for the benefit of our end users. We wish that you would continue to provide us with your usual guidance and constant support.

CEO Kenichi Anzai


1-1305 Ogura-cho,
Wakaba-ku, Chiba-city,
Chiba, 264-0007
Phone: +81-43-232-2222
Manufacturing and distribution of various types of sorting machines for grains and other materials.
<<ANZAI MANUFACTURING>> 264-0007 1-1305 Ogura-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba TEL:043-232-2222