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Quality Management


Obtained the ISO-9001 Certification

Obtained the ISO-9001 Certification
Registrant     Anzai Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
               Anzai Corporation,Ltd.
               Alsomac Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Registration   Design,Development,Production,Installation,
Scope          and Servicing of Sorting Machines
Applicable     ISO9001:2015/JISQ9001:2015
Reviewing      ASR Co.,Ltd.
Registered     Q1243

We have first obtained the ISO-9001 International Standard for Quality Management Certification, which is the international standard for quality management system, for Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Head Office) and Anzai Corporation, Ltd. in June 1998.

After obtaining ISO-9001 for Alsomac Engineering Co., Ltd. in June 2000, we made the transition to the "ISO-9001:2000" and obtained ISO-9001 for Anzai Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., Hokkaido branch, in June 2007. Now we adapt to the latest ISO-9001:2008.

By improving our machine's quality under coherent quality management system, ISO-9001, we will provide cutting-edge and high quality sorting machines to meet more sophisticated and diversified customer needs and will bring satisfaction to the customers while gaining more of their trust.


Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Keep The Best Quality
Respond to the expectations of our customers by manufacturing and
delivering products that have consistent best quality.
We will continuously improve and promote the adjustment effort
to customers'requirements and the effectivity of
quality management system.
                                                       Anzai Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
                                                       Anzai Corporation,Ltd.
                                                       Alsomac Engineering Co.,Ltd.
                                                       CEO Kenichi Anzai
                                                          Enactment Date November21,2001

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Wakaba-ku, Chiba-city,
Chiba, 264-0007
Phone: +81-43-232-2222
Manufacturing and distribution of various types of sorting machines for grains and other materials.
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