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Chute Type

Compact Color Sorting Machine
LAK Series
Model: LAK-350/700
Features of the Products

・LED Lighting
・Compact Body
・A Variety of Uses
・Easy Operation
・Machine with Casters (Rear side)
・High Performance & Low Cost
Color & Color/Foreign Material Sorting Machine
LG Series
Model: LG-05D/10D/20D/40D(Color Sorting Machine)
               LG-05T/10T/20T/40T(Color/Foreign Material Sorting Machine)
             LG-20C/40CThree Colors System Sorting Machine)
Features of the Products

・Twin LED Lighting (T type has triple.)
・Chute with 5mm pitch channels
Chute Type Full Color Sorting Machine
Model: LEO-405DC/405DC+
Features of the Products

・16,770,000 colors are Distinguished by New Full Camera.
・Ejector Count System
・Counter / Alarm and Error Record
・Input Output the sorting data etc. 
Color Sorting Machine
STC Series
Model: STC-01/02
Features of the Products

・Stores all data, such as background, timing and duration of the high-speed ejector (electron gun), and sorting sensitivity, in numbers allowing the same accuracy for any user.
・Employs TURFRAM chute, in which the materials flow smoothly.

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Manufacturing and distribution of various types of sorting machines for grains and other materials.
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