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Belt Type

Belt Type Color Sorting Machine
LEO Series
Model: LEO-300S/300D3/300D4/300D5
Features of the Products

・Three Attributes of Color:H(Hue),S(Saturation),V(Brightness)
・Easy Maintenance,Easy Assemble,Easy Cleaning
・Monitoring Control Function / Useful New Function
・NIR sensor(Option)
Belt Type Color Sorting Machine
LEO-M Series
Model: LEO-300MS/300MD3/300MD4/300MD5
Features of the Products

・Compact design
・Monitoring Control Function / Useful New Function
・NIR sensor(Option)
Belt Type RGB Full Color Sorting Machine
BLC Series
Model: BLC-300D5/600D5
Features of the Products

・Includes foreign material removal enhanced mode as a standard feature, which enables drastically improved accuracy for color sorting.
・Each one of 3 CCD cameras employed, which are proprietary of our company, has 2048 elements each for Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B). Capable of sorting subtly immature red beans.

Wheat Upgrade Sorter
Au Series
Model: Au-2000/1000/300/100
Features of the Products

They are sorters specializing in sorting and removing low amylose wheat one by one and have been developed by Japan's first color sorter manufacturer, Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd., using its long-term business results and know-how and employing many latest technologies.

Moldy Nuts Sorting Machine(Belt Conveyor Type
MK Series
Model: MKB-300
Features of the Products

Belt Conveyor Type Q-Sorter sorts peanuts in higher capacity.
Q-Sorter detects and removes moldy peanuts.
Belt Type Color Sorting Machine
BM Series
Model: BM-100D
Features of the Products

  • ・BM-100D is designed for various materials such as soybean, black bean, white rice, unpolished rice and millets.
  • ・New feature "Air Curtain" cleans the sorting chamber automatically, which prevents sorting accuracy from dropping down.
  • ・Easy operation with dial control
  • ・Energy saving design with minimal air consumption. Small size compressor is enough for BM-100D.
  • ・BM-100D is effectively designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, which makes your daily operation easier.
Belt Type Color Sorting Machine
Model: BS-01
Features of the Products

・Applicable to sort many kinds of grain such as millet, buckwheat and coffee bean
・Special designed for roasted coffee bean sorting
・Compact light body
・Built-in air compressor
・Easy operation with volume switches

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