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Keep The Best Quality
We always manufacture and deliver the highest quality products to meet our customers' expectations ❜❜

Technology trusted in Japan and world-wide.
As a leading manufacturer of sorting machines, we will continue to challenge ourselves more and more.
We will solve every worry or issue you have related to sorting.
Wind power sorter, grain shape sorter, specific gravity sorter, color sorter developed by making full use of the latest technology.
Our machinery has received high praise both in Japan and all over the world, including Southeast Asia, North and Central America, and Europe. If you require sorting in your field, we can provide you with sorting regardless of your product type, including grains, seeds, spices, coffee, confectionaries, plastics, glass, natural gemstones, and many other items. We use our ample experience and knowhow as a manufacturer to its fullest extent to solve every issue our customers may have.
So that you can use a sorting machine without worry,
We have a reliable maintenance and service system
Alsomac Engineering Co.,Ltd., the service division of Anzai Corporation, Ltd., handles the support of customers.
Headquarters (Chiba)
TEL. 043-232-2200
Hokkaido branch
TEL. 0155-62-6111