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Chute Type

Compact Color Sorting Machine
LAK Series
Model: LAK-350/700
Features of the Products

・LED Lighting
・Compact Body
・A Variety of Uses
・Easy Operation
・Machine with Casters (Rear side)
・High Performance & Low Cost
Color & Color/Foreign Material Sorting Machine
LG Series
Model: LG-05D/10D/20D/40D(Color Sorting Machine)
               LG-05T/10T/20T/40T(Color/Foreign Material Sorting Machine)
             LG-20C/40C(Three Colors System Sorting Machine)
Features of the Products

・Twin LED Lighting (T type has triple.)
・Chute with 5mm pitch channels
Chute Type Full Color Sorting Machine
Model: LEO-405DC/405DC+
Features of the Products

・16,770,000 colors are Distinguished by New Full Camera.
・Ejector Count System
・Counter / Alarm and Error Record
・Input Output the sorting data etc. 
Color Sorting Machine
STC Series
Model: STC-01/02
Features of the Products

・Stores all data, such as background, timing and duration of the high-speed ejector (electron gun), and sorting sensitivity, in numbers allowing the same accuracy for any user.
・Employs TURFRAM chute, in which the materials flow smoothly.
Moldy Nuts Sorting Machine
MK Series
Model: MK-01/04/06
Features of the Products

・Obtained a patent in U.S.A. Removes internally mold-damaged peanuts.

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Manufacturing and distribution of various types of sorting machines for grains and other materials.
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